nativex7 发表于 2017-4-17 00:07:00

[MOC] Monthly Build April 2017 by TT


Introducing everyone to the Minifigure Series 16 "silly" diary.
1) Ice Queen freezes Captain Cold for stealing her crown jewel
2) Desert guard stopping Aladdin for stealing a bâtard
3) Cyborg being proposed by Two-Face. Gotham shocked!!
4) Cute Little Devil doing Halloween Trick-n-Treat in House of Skeletons
5) Spooky boy needs to lighten up with laughter
6) Hiker should focus on where he is walking
7) Wildlife Photographer oblivious to REAL penguins surrounding him
8) Kickboxer practicing hard, inspired by Bruce Lee
9) Scallywag Pirate arguing with another pirate "WHERE IS THE TREASURE?"
10) Penguin boy fell asleep while fishing
11) Rogue is determined the capture the "crazy pig"
12) Host handed the "Cutest pet" award to a cat o_O
13) Mariachi chilling with his guitar outside saloon
14) Spy infiltrated museum for the exotic Jewel of Egypt
15) Banana guy promoting "Eating banana" campaign
16) Babysitter entertaining toddler with cookies and strawberries

I hope you guys enjoy this build.
Thank you.

Junious 发表于 2017-4-17 10:06:24


thanks for sharing!!

Jack 发表于 2017-4-19 13:14:03

Weldone Bro ! Awesome MOC !

Csgan 发表于 2017-5-14 18:04:49

Nice MOC, should build more :P

michaelchoy84 发表于 2017-9-29 22:56:01

Always saw this type of whole Series of CMF individual mini diorama in internet but never had chance like this can view in personally, can see, can touch and can play too. Awesome moc, Tommy ~~~ {:4_86:}{:4_94:}
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